Friday, 13 November 2015

Living with breast implants

After having breast implants, so much may follow thereafter. To begin with, they become part and parcel of your life. Since this is a life time commitment, you must be prepared to handle what comes your way.

Revealing to others that you have a breast implant

One issue that comes to mind all the time is whether to tell or not to tell others. Family and friends are the closest people and the decision on whether to tell them or not is really within your discretion. You have to decide yourself which implant is best for you whether round or teardrop implants are the two common choices available at Cosmetic surgery Brisbane clinic. If you decide to keep it to yourself, its fine since you will not worry about their reaction; if on the other hand you decide to disclose, be ready for the reaction that will follow.

Active life

This will particularly affect you if you are athletic in nature. You will be concerned as to whether the implant will affect your participation in these activities like running and swimming. In the same vein, you may find yourself opting for sporting activities that do not in any way affect your implants or the implants that affect your activities. However, those who have used the implants for athletics will tell you the discomfort that one experiences when the implants shift from within. This discomfort will however go as you get used to it.

Breast implants and pregnancy

Another concern that you will have is the impact of breast implants and future pregnancy. This is because you are not sure if the implants will get into the way of the breast implants. You would want to know:

·         If the breast size will change  in shape and size
·         If  you will be able to let milk the normal way
·         If the skin will stretch or sag

The reassuring thing about implants is that there are changes that can occur in your breast at this time and it is therefore possible to revert to normal size and shape. As for the sagging part, this is normal whether you have received the implants or not. In any case, it is not a must you have breast implants if you are not happy with the likely results. You may opt for breast lift instead.

Breast Feeding After Breast Enhancement Surgery

Other fears relate to breast feeding. The truth of the matter is that you will be able to breast feed the normal way. This is because the breast implants do not remove natural breasts. The milk duct is intact hence milk will come out the natural way. However, the surgeon will need to be careful during making incisions as the peri-areolar contains milk ducts which can get cut, lead to reduced milk for breast feeding.

A highly qualified surgeon will make an incision below the breast so as to avoid interfering with the milk let-down. Let the surgeon know your concerns before the breast implants are fitted. 

What is important to remember is that breast implants are cosmetic and their aim is to change the appearance of the breasts without changing their function.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Tummy Tuck for Males

Admit it, the first thing that pop ups in your head when you hear individuals talks tummy tuck is women. Abdominoplasty or  tummy tuck has been known for many years specially for females. But don't you know? Tummy tuck is for men too! I have known few male friends in the past who put extra effort to exercise to lose belly flab but were not seeing great deal of results. Those good buddies of mine ended up going for a tummy tuck surgery. Read More: What is Abdomminoplasty?

Tummy tuck is ideal for anyone but not everyone would qualify. There are some aspect that surgeon will determine if you can be a valid candidate. Follow the link to discover more here of the things you needs to remember and understand prior to meeting up with a tummy tuck surgeon.

Things to talk to your tummy tuck surgeon before the surgery

If you are a qualified candidate for tummy tuck, keep in mind that it is very crucial to let your surgeon know if you are taking any type medication. If you happen to be a male who find satisfaction in smoking, disclose this addiction to your surgeon. It doesn't mean that you need to quit; you'd be advise to stop for a period of time and resume when you are recovered from the surgery, depending upon your surgeon's advice. 

Aside from the things tackled above, the surgeon should discuss the small details of the  pre and post surgery, the cost and the schedule of your appointment. You can visit this link if you want to know more about the benefits of getting a tummy tuck surgery.

Knowing the type of tummy tuck procedure suitable for you and the risk associated.

The prefect time for making a decision which type of tummy tuck for you is in. No worries. Your surgeon will guide and help you with it. The same as women tummy tuck, male tummy tuck incur risks. If you think you'd consider tummy tuck surgery at some stage, Watch this video below to have more understanding about the whole tummy tuck surgery event.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Top Liposuction Clinic in Sydney

One of the issues that many people are dealing with is the extra body weight. Training hard and diet may work to other people to maintain their body shape but not for everyone as most of us are busy in our daily lives. Thanks to the one who discovered the easiest method to resolve this issue.

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When it comes to cosmetic surgery, Liposuction is one of the most popular surgery procedures that many people has undergone and achieve satisfying results. Liposuction is other best alternative to get rid of extra weights in any parts of the body thus enhancing your body shape and transforming your self confidence.

Who are these qualified liposuction patients?

Bear in mind that if you think to be considering a liposuction surgery, be sure to have a realistic expectations about the outcome of this procedure and also the purpose.

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- People who weigh not less than average or above average
- Those who have elastic and firm skin can be a candidate for this procedure
- People who have trouble losing weight via exercise and diet

Unfortunately, if you have sensitive and less than average skin quality chances is you may not be qualified for this procedure because it may give you future skin issues due to some specific reasons. Speaking to the right surgeon is mandatory prior to your decision. Anyone in any age can be one of the candidate, there has been no reports that liposuction requires specific person's age, although, older clients have less skin elasticity and may not get the same results than the younger clients with firmer and tighter skin.

Things to consider before undergoing the liposuction surgery

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Prior to deciding a liposuction surgery, arranging a consultation with the right surgeon prior to deciding the surgery is mandatory. Liposuction has options you can explore and choose, when your consultation occurs, your surgeon will be discussing the options to you and advice which is best for you, the type of your skin and the body area to have the surgery done. Your safety and effectiveness of the procedure is number one surgeon's priority, so feel relaxed and good luck to your liposuction journey!